Toimumine: 24.10.2019

Euroopa Komisjoni spordi lehel on avaldatud EL taotluse vooru" Sport kui erinevate rahvuste integratsiooni ja sotsiaalse kaasamise vahend" rahastuse saanud projektid (call EAC/S20/2019)

Esitati 70 taotlust ja 11 projekti said rahastuse.

Out of 70 received, 11 projects were selected for the 2019 edition of this call.The opportunity follows the 2017 and 2018 editions, aimed at promoting sport-related projects for the social inclusion of refugees in host communities in European Union Member States - either by organising sport activities,or by creating networks and platforms of projects and disseminating good practices.

Taotlusvooru EAC/S23/2019 - "Exchanges and mobility in sport" , esitati 45 taotlust ja 10 projekti said rahastuse.

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The 2019 edition of this call, which follows the 2018 edition, aimed at contributing to the development of sport organisations by supporting the learning mobility of their staff. Exchanges of people, ideas and good practices can be beneficial for the individuals, for their organisations and for sport and society as a whole. Particularly, this action supports cooperation with different regions - namely the Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Taotlusvooru EAC/S23/2019 - "Monitoring and coaching, through sports, of youngsters at risk of radicalization" , esitati 31 projekti, millest 7 said rahastuse.

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The European Commission published this call for the first time. Its aim is to support sport-related projects organised by sport organisations and federations, in cooperation with public authorities, local and civil society actors that focus on helping younger generations at risk of exclusion and radicalisation to better integrate them in the communities in which they live.